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Good Day

In my enivronment  there is a FAS6220 and v3240.

We are moving all disk shelves from the v3240 to the FAS6220.

The FAS6220 is running Ontap 8.1.3

Is it possible to disk reassign the shelves while the system is in takeover mode?

I get the error "Serious problem could occur"

Please feedback is appreciated.



'disk reassign' can only be used to reassign disks within an HA pair.  In addition, the partner that you are trying to "steal" the disks away from must be taken over.

The cleanest way to do what you are trying to do is by using the "disk remove_ownership" command before you disconnect the disks from the source (original) system.  You will need to 'priv set advanced' before using the 'disk remove_ownership' command.


Whats your current backend disk, you are saying V-series, but has FAS


If you're doing a headswap, i would highly recommend you work with Netapp


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