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F2240-2-12X450-CTL-R5 - firmware upgrade, reset and reconfigure


I have a netapp:

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and the OnCommand System right now tells me it is running Version 8.1RC3 7 Mode.

How do I upgrade the firmware and what is the latest compatible version?


And step 2: How do I reset the configuration completely to reconfigure it for a simple NFS3 or iSCSI access from 3 ESXi hosts?


Console cable is available, I can also telnet into the unit right now. Thank you for support




hi @b_hesseling 

FAS2240 can go maximum to 8.2.5P5 (7-mode) or 9.1P20 (cluster mode), the ONTAP image software for both are available from our support site.

to reinitialize the controllers to ONTAP 9 you can follow our KB article https://kb.netapp.com/Advice_and_Troubleshooting/Data_Storage_Software/ONTAP_OS/How_to_repurpose_a_Data_ONTAP_8.1.x_or_later_7-Mode_node_to_ONTAP_9.



 Ok. 8.2.5P5 (7-mode) is loaded and installed "Software: Installation of 825P5_q_image.tgz was completed."


Obviously my network configuration is broken. I removed unused interfaces via OnCommand System Manager and later on the webinterface told me that there is a mismatch between the OnCommand config and /etc/conf.rc or something like that.


How do I now reset the unit regarding network config?

I can still telnet into it but the OnCommand system detects it but gives me a timeout 500 when I want to login.


you can set up interfaces on CLI with ifconfig command, making sure you include those commands in /etc/rc to be persistent across reboots; my 7-mode knowledge is a bit rusty now but these are the steps more or less:


1) on storage run "rdfile /etc/rc"

2) copy content to notepad++ (UNIX EOL character)

3) add ifconfig statements are required

4) copy all content

5) on storage run "wrfile /etc/rc"

6) paste all content

7) leave an empty line at the bottom and press <ctrl> + <c> to close and save

😎 on storage run "rdfile /etc/rc" and confirm the file has changed

9) reboot the controller or run "source /etc/rc"


My device loaded the software and it looked okay. Then it rebooted and never came back. I had to power cycle. And now it is on the old version again...

Also now all licences are gone. I have a screenshot with the codes like ABCDEFG - but when I enter them from my screenshot it keeps telling me "invalid".


What did you do to load the software? Did you use netboot, or the boot menu? or something else?


The short keys must be added when the system is running 8.1, once it is in 8.2, they cannot be added (but previously installed ones remain working)


I am not sure what I did. I just entered the commands listed above, then the unit rebooted and I was unable to access it anymore, via IP and telnet/SSH and also the console did not work. I powered it down by unplugging the power cables, waited some time and booted it up again.

Now it is listed up in the OnCommand System Manager with Version 8.2.5P5 7-Mode and I can access the config interface via OnCommand System Manager again.

But all licences are gone and I can not re-enter them: Invalid license.


But for some reason I was able to join the domain and I can access the share with my domain admin. But the ESXi servers can not.

On the new FAS we have running version 9.3 I had to edit "Export Policies" for the SVMs and add the IP addresses of the servers. But I can not find that option on the old one... Where is that?


So this issue is left with the IP addresses and export policies and the licences... System ID of the FAS2240-2 is 1787986847 - if that helps.