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FAS2020 - Initialized and need Data ONTAP upgrade


My firm just acquired a used FAS2020 device which was a stand by unit to honour SLAs. We got it full of 1TB sata discs for CIFS utilization.


I have initialized using the 4a option on boot-up and completed the prompts asking for details etc. At some point, the prompt showed this message:


The initial aggregate currently contains 3 disks;  you may add more

                 disks to it later using the "aggr add" command.

                Now apply the appropriate licenses to the system and install

                 the system files (supplied on the Data ONTAP CD-ROM or downloaded

                 from the NOW site) from a UNIX or Windows host.  When you are

                finished, type "download" to install the boot image and

                  "reboot" to start using the system.


The device has ONTAP version 7.3.2 installed and I would like to know from where I can download the mentioned system files. I tried registering the product but NetApp but they redirected me to IBM support.


I need to know where I can download these files; any help is most appretiated.



Seems like all FAS2020 devices have been registered to IBM who should provide support




you should go to ibm website to get the software and the 1/2 level support will be provided by ibm

here's link



IBM will only support systems under warranty or on a support agreement. Software isn't made available on their support site unless the equipment is registered in your account.