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Setup e0M prior to use with NSE with Key Manager




Looking to setup encryption on 7-Mode 8.2.x using a key manger and I’m having trouble finding the process for configuring e0M. I understand how to go through the key_manager setup and specify the e0M port details, I’m assuming you need to have e0M configured and running before you run key_manager setup. In order for the boot to complete e0M must be up in order to communicate to the key manager to retrieve the key and unlock the drives – this happens before the contents of the RC file are applied.

I see some documentation for setting up e0M during the initial setup but how is it configured post setup?


Thanks in advanced for your help and guidance



there's cmd in systemshell "kenv" which could change the environment variables. but use it with caution, coz it could result in panic.

there's kb 1013827 about that.