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FAS 2040 Migration/Upgrade Path


Hi Everyone,


I currently have an FAS2040 SAN on the standard chassis (no expansion shelf), due to growth in our data needs we are forced to expand our current infrastructure.


Following the EOL and EOS announcement on the FAS2040, i imagine  to puchase a shelf and hook onto my FAS2040 is NOT the best option, or is this a wrong thought.


Kindly addvice on the possible migration path from FAS2040 - considering additional storage of up to 400TB and system EOL/EOS.


many thanks





1 option is to add additional disk shelves. Refer https://library.netapp.com/ecm/ecm_download_file/ECMM1280295

Another option is to do a controller upgrade. Refer the documentation: http://mysupport.netapp.com/documentation/docweb/index.html?productID=30325&language=en-US

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The replacement for the 2040 is going to be 2520 or may be a 2554/2.


Given Netapp pricing wrt to new systems versus just shelves (a whole system can cheaper than a shelf with the same capacity) and likely maintenance costs for a very old 2040, a new system is by far going to be the better solution.


Assuming you want 400TB usable of SATA space, I'd be going for a 2554 with 24 internal 4TB disks and then 7 or 8 shelves of DS4246 with 4TB disks. If you need more performance make 10% of the disk SSD and use flashcache.


Although there is a new family of NetApps coming, the 26xx - might be worth looking at or leveraging to get a good price on 25xx.