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FAS2040 interface Issues


I am using a FAS 2040 system.  I need to change the primary DNS setting on this server, as the IP address of our primary dns server has changed.   Can I change this on the fly, will affect the access of the systems.

Also there seems to be an issue when you go into network and manage interfaces in filerview as the graphics are not diplayed correctly.  And the switch which the interfaces of the filer are connected are displaying errors for two of the ports e0c and e0d, even though the status says up, but it does not show the IP address of any of the interfaces on filerview.   I also used the ifconfig command and it shows the status as up.   Also we have 2 esx servers where only one can connect the NFS datastore and while the other ESX server cannot, and both have the correct network settings.   Is there any reason for these issues , and are there any commands we can use to troubleshoot this issue further.



I wouldn't use filerview for changing the network.. it is legacy and in 8.1 it isn't available anymore.  OnCommand System Manager 2.0R1 is the gui we recommend.  For changing dns servers only manually and without an outage, you can change that hot by editing /etc/resolv.conf and edit the "nameserver x.x.x.x" entries. 

To troubleshoot the network you can use "ifconfig -a" and "ifstat -a" ... see what the interface is set at and if any errors in ifstat.  There are advanced commands like netdiag and other things but I would start with ifconfig/ifstat then go further if needed.  If the other ESX server can't get access check if it can ping and also exports permissions.