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FAS2240-4 serial console not working


Hey All,


I have an old non-prod dual head FAS2240-4 that I'm trying to dust off for a lab filer. I can't seem to get output from the serial console port on either head. I'm using a cisco console cable, and CAN connect to the SP by pressing CTL-G on the serial console, but of course the password is not documented anywhere. When I press CTL-D, I get no output or response on the console.


What I'm trying to do is get to the boot loader so that I can reset the password on the filer. Typically I just plug into the console port and boot the filer to get to the boot loader prompt, but the process seems a little different on the FAS2240.


Does anyone know the process to get to the boot loader? It's weird that CTL-G works to display the SP, but I can't get output for the normal serial console session. Thanks in advance!



Do you have correct settings for console session?




Yes. I'm using Putty with the following settings:

9600 - 8 - N - 1 - N

Flow Control - None. 


While the controller is in the process of booting, nothing displays on the console session. Once boot is complete I can press CTL-G and it displays the SP console. If I press CTL-D to go back to the console session, nothing displays, and I get no response from the keyboard. 


The fas2240-4 has been off for a while, so I was thinking it may be related to a low NVRAM battery. It's been charging for about 15 hours now, but I still can't get the session output. 


I also tried another console cable, and got the same results. What's weird is that I can get into the SP console via the serial console with the CTL-G and it displays and works via the serial console, but when I press CTL-D to go back to the seriel console, nothing is displayed. 


Hello mrseth1,


Have you managed to solve this problem? I am facing exactly the same behaviour, i.e. console is completely unresponsive, no messages are shown during bootup, I can access and enter SP using Ctrl+G sequence (root password is known). How can I make it boot?


Best regards,