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FAS2240, best disk configuration


I have some difficulties with a FAS2240. The FAS has 20x 2TB SATA drives and 4x 200GB SSD drives.


The customer is running a (small) VDI environment, and I'm searching for the best performing drive configuration. The FAS is running Clustered data ontap 8.3 with advanced partitioning enabled. Cluster connection is done with a single 10Gbit cable, the other 10Gbit connection is used for uplink to the switches.


How can you setup the best performing disk configuration?


1. If you assign 12 disks to controller 1, and 12 to contoller 2. And then you create an aggregate (12 disk minus 2 SSD's minus 1 hot spare) with 9 SATA drives. On the other controller you can do the same. So you have 2 aggregates both running on 9 spindels

2. Or you assign 17 disks to controller 1 and then create an aggregate with 13 disks (17 minus 3 for aggr0 minus 1 for hot spare).


With the second configuration you have 13 spindels, so that will be faster. But then only 1 controller is used for writing the data to the disks. With this setup the CPU of the FAS2240 can be a bottleneck.


What would be recommended?





Need to understand the requirement in detail, can you give some inputs:


How much space are you going to provision for the VDI environment?
how many virtual desktops?
What is the expected iops from each virtual desktop?



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