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file auditing


we have a fas 3020 that stores 99% of our files. i would like to setup auditing to know who is creating/accessing/editing/copying/moving/deleting etc on this 3020. i have called in numerous times to netapp tech support and everytime they tell me that no such system/app exists to accomplish that on the netapp box.  i found this discussion and wanted to know if this setup would accomplish what i am wanting:


can anyone shed some light on this for me?




Check TR3595 for this. Data ONTAP has native file access auditing

functionality to achieve what you are looking for.

Reena Gupta


does enabling auditing effect performance on the filer? or slow down accessing files?

we have about 25-30 Terabytes of data on our filer, im wondering how large of a log file size i should set for that amount of data?

i  assuming to view the audit logs is i would just use filer view, or use a windows management console and connect to the filer via host name or ip address, then drill down to the event logs and click on the security tab to see all logged entries?


I recommend to stick to 3rd party tools.

NetApp Filer Change Reporter by NetWrix (full disclosure: I work for them) tracks file, folder, and permission changes and file access attempts on your appliance. This might be a solution you are looking for.


You could also try this NetApp Filer Auditor to track and audit all changes from NetApp Filers for every users who prefer NetApp storage management services.