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FAS2552 Wrong effective size on a disk



I am new to the NetApp world.

We inherited two FAS2552 disk arrays with OnTap 8.2.3P3 7-Mode, each one contains 24 disks : 12 with a size of 600Go and 12 with a size of 1.8To, all the disks are 10K.

We found that we had two failed disks one on each array, so we bought two "new" disks with size of a 1.8To at 10K , at least that's what was written on the label.

We changed one of the failed disks without problem, but the second one showed us a wrong effective size.

A 1.8To disk shows : 1.64To as physical size and 1.63To as effective size, the new disk showed : 1.64 as physical size and 1.09To as effective size.

We tried zerroing the disk whithout luck.

We did return the disk for replacement and we got a new one labeled 1.8To 10K, but it was the same problem, 1.09To as effective size, and even more since this new disk was detected as 15K disk!!!!!

We did a test :

- We plugged the new disk that was correctelly recongnized on the other FAS and it was recongnized without issues.

- We plugged the new delivered disk on the other FAS and it we got the same problem : effective size and tpm


Is there other tests we can do to be sure that it's a disk problem not a disk array problem?







Is the disk model number recognized correctly in sysconfig -a? if it works well on the other array, I'll compare the disk qualification package between the two  (or just update it)



Gidi Marcus (Linkedin) - Storage and Microsoft technologies consultant - Hydro IT LTD - UK