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High FC latency


Good Morning togehter,

i Need a Little bit help We habe an FAS6280 with Data Ontap 8.1.4 P1 Metro Cluster and we only Use FC and LUNs there is no cifs ore NFS share online. We have two aggr on the Filer the First one is with SSD and SAS in an Hybrid configuration and the ather is an Hybrid with SSD and SATA.

So we have the affect that somethimes our Monitoring for example the SQL Monitoring Reports very High I/O Wait time at the time over 150ms. So my biggest Problem is how can i veryfi what was the Problem. I have the NetApp Balance running and i also can have a look to the DFM but i dont know where can i see if there was an Problem on the Filer so that the I/O Wait time is running out of controll.

Maybe you can give me an hint to check what was the Problem at the time.

Best Regards





i would start by checking for these alerts FCP PARTNER PATH MISCONFIGURED.

this link here will help https://kb.netapp.com/support/index?page=content&id=3010111

you may need to run test on your ISL between sites too.




You got the fix for this issue ? Lun stats showing normal. perfmon disk latency is showing 150ms.