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Hot remove DS4243 on FAS3240



I have a FAS 3240 with 6 shelf

shelf 1 have SATA 2to

shelf 2 have SAS disk

shelf 3 have SAS disk

shelf 4 have SAS disk

shelf 5 have SAS disk

shelf 6 have SATA 3to (ds4246)

the shelf is double attached

the bootvolume is on shelf 6 with disk 3to

I destroy aggregat on shelf with 2to disk SATA

I unnowed disk to membership

Now I want to remove the shelf 1, is it possible to do this online ?



As long as you are running at least 8.2.1 it is supported online. See Data ONTAP documentation for step by step procedure.


You can still hot-remove even if it is not supported. I've been doing it for a while.

1. Destroy volumes on the aggregate on the shelf .

2. Destroy aggregate on the shelf.

3. Remove ownership of the disks (priv set diag ; disk remove_ownership -f , etc)

4. Move the cabling from the head, to your IOM modules, one at a time, to the next shelf down, in the same place (circle, square, etc).

5. After each cable move, wait and watch the console of your filers to make sure they don't die.

6. Move the next one, and so on. 

You'll get an autosupport email about loss of multipathing on your filers, and you'll get an autosupport about the heads no longer having valid paths to specific disks, but it'll stay up, and continue just fine.   When you finish your cable moves, both heads should tell you that multipathing has been restored.  storage show disk -p should show multiple paths to all shelves and disks (save shelf 1, which you removed.) 

Again, I've been doing this for a while, on multiple kinds of heads and in multiple clusters - but all 7mode, mind you. I haven't done this on cluster mode yet.    


I will throw in my support of the "it works, but just not supported" stance

Just be certain that no data is on the shelf and follow the exact steps that adambultmanoutlined for you. I can attest that I've done it numerous times without any issues.

The only issue I've ever run into (once!) was when I plugged the SAME shelf back in. ONTAP didn't like that and a controller had a panic.

8.2.1 NDO shelf removal is awesome, though..and there's just something better in having that feeling of "it's officially supported" as you're moving cables around