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How can i revolve this message "has taken over this node" FAS2020


Hello, i have a fas2020 netapp with 2 nodes. In node 1 show me this message "node2 has taken over this node" and the node 2 show me this message "This node has taken over node1".

I'm sorry for my english but i'm from spain



Hi Tomas,

can you use this command cf status  on node2 if the status message says

* node1 waiting for giveback

* issue this command on node2 cf giveback.

*  If you do not see the message " node1 is waiting for giveback" do not issue the above command and contact netapp support.

Kind regards


i have done giveback but now show me the next message:

In node one: "name_node_2 has taken over this node. Disk shelf fault"

In node two: "This node has taken over name_node_1. Disk shelf fault"


Disk shelf fault can be due to a lot of reasons i recommend contacting Netapp tech support on any of the following numbers.

* 00-800-44-NETAPP

* 00-800-44-638-277
* 34-900-50-2972