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How do I Configure a new FAS3020 with aggragates: No spare error


Hello all,

I have a new FAS3020 that has 2 attached shelves and 28 drives

three dirves are assigned to the types dparity, parity, data in Aggr0 and the OS is loaded on there

I'm trying to make two new aggragates, one per shelf.

On dedicated to file storage and snap replication, the other a NFS share dedicated to VM storage

when i go to the gui to create a new aggragate i get errors that i have no spares available


1: Is my plan sound, one shelf for file data one for VM guests

2: How do i assign spares and create new aggragates?



Sounds like your issue is due to software based disk ownership:



From the CLI the command `disk show -a` will show all disks and who they are assigned to. You can then use the `disk reassign` command to reassign disks to each controller, they will then be added to the hot spare pool and will be available for aggregate creation/expansion.

disk reassign {-o old_name | -s old_sysid} [-n new_name] [-d new_sysid]