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How to move the root and core volume of a clustered v3140?


We have a pair of v3140, for which there are two ROOT and two CORE volumes. Each head has one ROOT and CORE assigned as owner and the other head can see them. The SAN is a 3Par S400 and we got now a now a new F200 and I need to migrate all volumes over. For anything but ROOT and CORE, I can do this in multiple ways and don't have questions.

But how can I migrate the ROOT and CORE volumes over? I tried to ask NetApp support and they don't seem to get my question. Has anyone here migrated these volumes from one SAN to another SAN for a v-series clustered heads?




Let me start out by saying I don't know if it works on a V series(it should ONTAP is unified), but you can snapmirror, vol copy, or ndmpcopy the root volume to another volume, the run vol options new_root root.  Once you reboot a FAS series that volume now become ROOT, not sure about core as a FAS will dump core files in the crash directory, not a seperate CORE directory.

I guess I should start reading the documentation for Ontap/v3140 how to install one from scratch to understand what the Professional Services people did and what the core volume is. The layout on the SAN is ROOT01 32 GB volume exported as LUN 0 to both heads owned by the first head, ROOT02 32GB volume exported as LUN 1 to both heads owned by the second head. Then I got CORE01 15GB volume exported as LUN 2 to both heads owned by the first head and it shows it as spare array LUN, the CORE02 15GB volume exported as LUN 3 to both heads owned by the second head and it shows also as spare array LUN.

Based on the v-filer documentation the "core" volume is for coredumps. That answers that question. I can just create two new LUNs on the new SAN and export them to the two heads, have them as spare disks and take away the old ones.