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Installing a new FAS3020 for clustering this with existing FAS3020 - disk loops?


Dear all,

Have an existing FAS3020 with a single DS14MK2-FC connected to 0a and 0c.

Have purchased a new FAS3020 with two DS14MK4-FC shelves (to be used as one loop), but no addtional HBA (i.e. the loops will be using the onboard 2GB HBA ports).

To begin with, the new FAS3020 will be installed as stand-alone (similar to the existing FAS3020).

As I at a later point in time wish to cluster these 2 FAS3020's into a cluster (cluster license and hardware purchased), I'd assume I need to ensure the new FAS3020 disk loop is connected to 0b and 0d, leaving 0a and 0c free to later connect the existing disk shelf to 0a and 0c on the new FAS3020 (and the new disk loop to 0b and 0d on the old FAS3020).

Am I correct?

If I am correct, then the next question is if I can from factory install the new FAS3020 with disk loop simply on 0b and 0d, or if there is something I need to do?

I've looked around on NOW, but haven't found any guideline for how to "merge" to existing stand-alone FAS' into a cluster. Can you point me to such?

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Answered by NetApp Support Switzerland.

Answer is "yes".

0a (A channel) should kept as the primary from existing filer to it's disk shelf (A module).

0c (B channel) must be moved from the B channel on existing shelf to (the B module of the) new shelf.

0a on the new filer, should be the B channel (i.e. connected to the B module) of the existing shelf.

0c on the new filer, should be the A channel (i.e. connected to the A module) of the new shelf.