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NETAPP FAS2020 Access


Greetings -

Began the post snap-mirror processing of my system and found that regardless of how I attempt to connect to the filers, I could not acess them.  I have tried to ping them through a known, good switch configuration via command line interface, the web interface to both IP and hostname, and using PuTTY.  I receive no response whatsoever from the command line and PuTTY results in two seemingly, connected interfaces (FAS2020b and FAS2020a), but no prompt for continued operations.  I cannot afford to lose any data on the drives, but need to be able to access the filers to run the configuration scripts or reset them (minus drives) if possible.




has to be network or network configuration... do you have a physical console to ifconfig and check networking?  Or the bmc port can be used for a console over ethernet.


Scott, Appreciate the answer.  Though, am now unable to go further.  The box was yanked yesterday to have it checked out.  Thanks again for the response.  Ken