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V6040, two filers one storage pool


Hello, I am new to the v6040 and NetApp. I have a question concerning FilerA and FilerB sharing the smae storage.

From what I understand so far is that once I claim/own the luns on FilerA and create an aggregate, if FilerA

goes down, FilerB will not see it because FilerA owns the Agg, (even though I have clustering enabled). How

can I configure/setup the disk/filers

Thanks in advanceso that FilerB can use the disk if FilerA goes down?



Each V-Series LUN (or netapp disk) is assigned ownership to either node A or B.  ON failover, the partner node picks up the partner disks.  SO B can see As disks and on failover it will run an instance of A until giveback.


Thanks for the response Scott. OK, I can see that... for the internal disk, but when I assign external disk and claim it on FilerA and

create an aggr, if I do a controlled failover, the external disk is not seen by FilerB.


If you run sysconfig -a do you see partner disks? It sounds like paging or zoning or connectivity.

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The disk is set up as a cluster on an IBM XIV frame and each filers HBA is zoned. Each FA from the XIV is on a different Brocade

switch. Went the failover occurs, the terminal on filerA displays a message that the disk is on the switch for FilerA, (even though

the same disk is also zoned to FilerB via a separate switch). It seems to me that when I created the agg on FilerA, FilerB can not

see it because FilerA owns it. In any other platform scenario, in a clustered environment, if the primary fails, the secondary takes

over with the same disk. It is probly something simple and I'm just thinking that it's more difficult than it really is. Should A and

B be communicating via a "heartbeat" ethernet setup?


Both controllers need to see all the disks... can you confirm with "sysconfig -r" and see if there are disks with a "PARTNER" designation?  Also, does "disk show -v" show all disks (the local and partner) and storage show disk -p with show pathing.