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NetApp SSD vs. RamSan SSD



Does any of you know what the difference of a RamSan SSD to a NetApp SSD storage solution ?

I tried to search fieldportal but there are not any information’s about the technical differences of the 2 solution.




The former is just another 'native' NetApp drive which you slot into a NetApp shelf & manage as usual (with all the caveats), whilst the latter requires V-Series gateway (http://communities.netapp.com/message/13765#13765)




Maybe I asked  the question wrong.

But can a NetApp SSD solution compete with a RamSan SSD solution, if yes what are the SSD specific advantage of the NetApp solution, if you benchmark it against a RamSan SSD solution.



It is for at very demanding web services.

I would ask if FlexCache (PAMII) coul be dedicated to only one Volume.

On FAS3140 with 2x2-512GB PAMII cards. Could they be configured to a dedicated state, where the web service LUN would be, and the data would be only on the PAMII and never touch disk drives. Then the customer wouldn’t need the RAMSAN-620-1TB or the SSD drives ?

This way we would get the customer to use NetApp storage all the way.

It is possible (or, at least, close to it) using flexshare. See TR-3832 for details. Basically you can globally disable PAM but enable it for one volume only.

I will take a second look at the TR.

Is it possible to use only one of the FAS3140HA controllers, since it is a web service the customer do not have any raid demand.

If it possible I would put 2 x 512GB cards in one controller, and make it dedicated.

But everything else on the FAS3140 Is HA enable.

Would the FAS-HA solution support this “PAM-II drive” in only one controller or will it be unsupported.