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Pinging my NetApp 2240 from the extended network?


I am unable to ping or contact the NetApp2240 from my extended network.  Is there a configuration issue or a firewall rule that needs to be changed?  Since I can't ping and contact the NetApp, the CIFS are not available.  All computers and hardware can be pinged with the name or IP.  The network is completely operational without any issues except for access to the NetApp2240 applicance.





Looks like a routing issue.

Are you sure you defined a default route and it is routing back to the IP you're pinging from?


It was a gateway issue on the NetApp-2240.  The original person did not set the gateway so I used the command line which is the only way I could find.  By attempting to ping from the NetApp command line, the problem was quickly determined.  There does not appear to be a way to set the gateway through the GUI after the initial configuration.


Yes, you must edit the RC file manually and reboot to make sure it is valid.