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Poor Backup Performance on an FAS2554 over ISCSI 10Gbit


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We have an Performance Problem when take an Backup , Merge or create an virtual Full Backup to Tape .

Here is the environment :

-Backup Server ( Proxy ) : W2008R2 Server ( HP DL 380 G7 ) 192 GB RAM , 2 CPUs , 2x300 HDDs RAID 1 , H222 SAS Controller to MSL4048 HP Tape Libary
-10 Gbit Network to the Productiv Storage ( Netapp FAS8020 Metrocluster ) , to the Backup Server and to the Backup Storage ( Netapp FAS 2554 )
-Netapp Backup Storage ( FAS 2554 ) , 2 Aggregates, each with 22x 4TB SATA ( 7200 ) HDDs , on this Aggregats there are on every Aggregat 5 ISCSI Volumes . This Volumes are Drives ( Repositorys ) on the Backup Server.
Netapp Productiv Storage ( FAS 8020 ) , The Veeam Backup Server is connected via 10Gbit Network to the NFS Volumes and uses the Storage Snapshot Copy Funktion to Backup the VMs to the Backup Storage
Tape Libary : HP MSL 4048 with an HP StorageWorks LTO5 Tape Drive , Connected via SAS to the Backup Server

The newest Drivers and Firmwares for Tape Drive , Tape Libary and the Controllers on the Server are installed .

And now our Problem :

A normal Full Backup Job only backup ( Writes ) with 144 MB/s to the backup Storage FAS 2554  . An Merge Job ( Read and Write ) needs needs very long time and the Creation of an virtual Full to Tape needs for 10TB 41 Hours with 70 MB/s on an LTO5 Tape Drive via SAS. 


What can be the Problem for poor Performance on Writing or Reading from an W2008R2 Server to the FAS2554 ? 

Which Speed should be able with an 10Gbit ISCSI Connetion from an Windows Sever to the FAS 2554 ? 


Here an Speedtest from the Server to the Storage with Diskspd Tool : 




Can MPIO an Solution ? 








hi, Michael


this is really hard to tell where the bottleneck is. coz it could be anywhere of the data link from source to dest or cpu, mem, disk etc.

you'd better to engage ps team about it.