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Swap the Netapp FAS2554 storage from the old server to new server


Im the new engineer to handle Netapp storage , please help me for this case . 


Basically, we have an old server direct attach FAS2554 storage with Fiber , that has access to a group of disks(Can see those disk in Windows Disk management). Now we are replacing the old server with new server, so the new server needs to have access to the group of disks. Customer has the access to the NetApp console, with the existing configuration .  I just need to connect new server and present the group of disks (in windows disk management )in the new windows server.


I have plugged the FC channel to the new server and it show online on the one command system manager 

Also I have added the initiator group and link the LUN to the new initiator .


but I cant discover the storage in the iscsi initiator , and I find the old server have no setting in the iscsi initiator. 

Netapp have less guide and video to study and it is hard to contact support Technical . 

So I have no Idea what I need to do the connect the storage in the new windows server . 


Please help and give me some advice for this case 

Thank you very much .


1) ip  and model for the old server.
Old Server = IBM System x3650 M5 (Windows Server 2012 R2 Standard)
2 ip and model for the new server.
New Server = Dell PowerEdge R740 (Windows Server 2019 Standard)
3)connection interface for the new and old server.
FC connection (Direct Attach)

Management Lan connected with switch 



Hi Roy,


If this is indeed a direct attached Fibre Channel configuration, why are you looking into iSCSI? While they are both block protocols and your NetApp array can present the same LUN either way, their transport medium is different. Fibre Channel is delivered over a Fibre Channel connection using HBAs in both Initiator and Target while iSCSI is encapsulated within Ethernet packets and therefore connected via Ethernet.


Assuming you've connected the new host to the storage using  the appropriate transceivers and fibre, then the LUN must be mapped to the new initiator then the storage discovered by the host via a rescan. Assuming FC is your intention and not iSCSI then have a look at the FC Express guide here. If what you want is iSCSI however, there's a similar but different guide for that here.


As an aside, I have no idea if your attached images shed any light on the situation as I am unable to open them.


Good luck, kindly update this thread with your results.




Oh I think Im looking for this wrong thing . 

The images have show the FC channel is connected . 

As the guide said that ,if I want to keep all the config ,

I just need to install the Interoperability Matrix tool , and Data ONTAP DSM .

I dont need to create the new aggregate , SVM and LUN , right ? 




Also , I can't access the page to download Interoperability Matrix tool , and Data ONTAP DSM from the NetApp Support Site . 





re-upload the attached images


Hi Roy,


The Interoperability Matrix Tool (IMT) isn't something you download, it's a website you use to ensure all of the components in your solution are supported together, access it here, a valid support account is required but I'm assuming you have one of those.


You should probably read the Windows Unified Host Utilities 7.1 Installation guide, basically if you're presenting a LUN through multiple paths you need something that will tell Windows that it's actually the same device and treat it accordingly. When I put a quick configuration into the IMT for Windows 2016, it says:


"For W2K16 MSDSM Configuration, Refer "Windows Host Utilities 7.1 Installation guide". 


And I haven't done a Windows FC install in a very long time.


Best of luck.




May I know there have any Oncommand system manager guide ?


I cant find any  guide about Oncommand System manager and how to add the Host in the Netapp . 


It must need to do it in putty or any method to do it in oncommand system manager ? 


Thank you 


Hi Roy,


I think you may have underestimated what is required to administer a fibre channel SAN, even a simple one. I think your best course of action is to talk to your local NetApp or partner sales team, seeking guidance from the SE assigned to you and potentially purchasing some training credits. Do you know who the company you work for bought this array from?


You could also contact support and have them guide you through the process over the phone. All the information you need is in the documentation I've already linked to, I'm sorry I couldn't be of more assistance via this message board.