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V Series and Legato Networker 7.5.3


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Question i have is that we are in the pr stages of implementing a Vseries 3100 into  our environment. Currently we have EMc Networker Ver 7.5.3 running to backup all our data. Does anyone know if Networker can hook in to the vseries in any way shape or form?

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Networker has implemented the NDMP protocol, but it is currently not clear to me how much command and control can be done.

See also:  http://www.ndmp.org/

A recent post asked whether it could initiate a SnapMirror to tape operation. I'm pretty sure it will not, but haven't gotten a hold of the documentation for an emphatic answer.

At the very least it will do a ufs dump and restore of NetApp data.

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Well Thanks for the big welcome.

I might post on the EMC forum and see what the guys there have to say. (hope it's good). Currently we have EVA SANS and usr a product called HP RSM to re produce snapshots to the Networker storage node and back them up from there.

With the introduction of Netapp V Series sitting in the front end. This kinda changes things. I know this might be a really dumb question but can snap mirro or snap manger do this type of thing?

Ha thanks for the quick reply as well.


The snapmanager suite are tools primarily for managing the snapshots themselves, with a particular emphasis on producing properly quiesced snapshots for various applications and hypervisor platforms. Snapmirror is primarily for replicating volumes to another Netapp filer, although you can also use it to do full dumps of volumes to tape. To use it as a managed backup mechanism requires support from the backup software - it's not clear to me if Networker supports this (hence my question elsewhere) although I believe CommVault/Netbackup/SyncSort/etc support it.

We back up files (as opposed to LUNs) using NDMP. You'll need a Networker NDMP license for each filer to do this. This mechanism supports full and differential backups. You'll need to fiddle with Networker a bit to make it do incrementals, if that is what you need in your shop.

I know nothing about EMC gear or HP RSM but it sounds a bit like it is doing full block-level dumps of LUNs to a server which you're then streaming to tape. As far as I know there is no direct equivalent to this in the Netapp world; the nearest is to use Snapmirror to Tape as described above with one of the other backup tools, unless EMC can confirm that they can support SM2T for you.