ONTAP Hardware

Wrongly added different size Lun Array in V series Aggr


Help me out to fix the below problem ASAP.


In My Company , We are using V series - V3140 filer ,  Ontap 8.2 , Aggr 64 Bits with RAID 0.


Lun Array provided from Hitachi Boxes - Dont have details about it .


I got a space issue in Aggr for that i have added a Lun array to the aggr unfortunately  added a different sized disk to that aggr.


Aggr contains 400gb disk - i added 200Gb disk .


Now Aggr has 24 disk in which 23 are 400gb & only 1 is 200gb.


Aggr lost it homogenous structure .


I tried disk replace command but no luck since the aggr created with RAID 0.


Note: Not suppose to destory aggr & no data loss allowed

Please help me out on this prob.


For any more details please let me know.