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No console output on FAS3020


I have just inherited a couple of FAS3020 arrays. I powered them on and there are no status alerts. The problem is that there is no output from the console port on either array. I have tried using both PuTTY and Tera Term at 9600 8-n-1. The terminal window stays blank for both arrays. Am I missing something?



do you have the correct serial cable - perhaps that could be an issue - do you to have filers where you can try -


are they "cleared", so in a factory reset state or is the system already running?




Hope the serial cable is in good condition. Is there a chance that you can get the credentials and IP address of the RLM?

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Thank you for the responses. Instead of using the USB to DB9 cable, I found a computer that still had a DB9 port. I was able to console successfully from that PC. Strange thing is that I have been able to use the USB to DB9 converter without any problems on our Cisco gear.


Thanks again!