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cluster controller upgrade with NVE. FAS2650 to FAS2750


 I'm upgrading from FAS2650 using NVE to a FAS2750. We plan to take the route of upgrading controller hardware by adding new nodes to the cluster and moving volumes to new nodes, then decommissioning older FAS2650. We are not using IPv6 so that's not a concern, but we do use NVE. The Ontap 9 Cluster Expansion Express Guide section "Deciding whether to use the Cluster Expansion Express Guide" it states "It does not use IPv6 addressing or Storage Encryption.". Does that statement only imply NSA and excludes NVE?






Hi JerryNagy,


The ONTAP 9 Cluster Expansion Express Guide lacks the details to configure the new nodes to support NetApp Storage Encryption.


You can use one of the following Guides for your migration and maintain Encryption:

Using Aggregate Relocation to Manually Upgrade Controller Hardware 

Using “system controller replace” Commands to Upgrade Controller Hardware Running ONTAP 9.5 or Later 





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