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recommendation for configuring a FAS2552HA


Hello community,
I need a recommendation for configuring a FAS2552HA. We bought a FAS2552HA with the following equipment, 20 x 600GB SAS-discs and 4 x 200GB SSD, with clustered Data Ontap 8.2.2RC2. We want to configure one Vserver for Cifs with about 50 concurrent client sessions and one Vserver with iSCSI / CIFS for Hyper-V / SQL and with about 70 concurrent SQL-client sessions. How should the aggregates be configured?

I see two possible configurations.

1. creating one Flash-pool aggregate with 6 data disks and the ssd-discs for Hyper-V / SQL on node1 and one aggregate with 4 data disks on Node2 for CIFS client requests.

2. one single Flash pool aggregate with 12 data disks for all services.

What wiil be the more suitable configruation? A large aggregates due to higher IOPS, or 2 aggregates for better load distribution between nodes?

For a recommendation, I am very grateful.



as you will need two root aggregates, 6 disks will be lost (2x raid4 and 1x spare for each node).

with only 14 disks left I would configure just one aggregate and use the second node just for failover. I don't know if flashpool can make up the loss of performance of having only 7 disks in the aggregates if you create one for each head.