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storage netapp entry level VS EMC entry level


Hi Everyone,

I saw this post in another forum and want to get the community thoughts on this. Also feel free to add to the discussion there as well: http://www.experts-exchange.com/Storage/Misc/Q_27189246.html

Dear Experts:  We are interested to purchase the storage from netapp FAS 2020 (SAS disks 300GB*12) we are about to issue purchase order but only now we got to know additional shelf for this model available is  1TB*14 drives of SATA  and this will cost more than the product, due to this we are not able to go for this. Reason for not going for this is if we purchase this then total raw space is of capacity 3.6TB and usable space will be only 2.4 TB.  If it would have been 600*12 then I would have gone for this or if additional shelf comes with 300*14 it would have worked out to be lesser than the product cost. Please suggest me is there any alternate method or does EMC equivalent model has same features and will get 600GB*12 or additional disk shelf will get lesser price than the product.  Please help.


Hi Ian,

Normally I do not discuss pricing on Communities, as this is a highly non-technical subject!

On this occasion I have to agree though - FAS2020 are priced artificially low, so it costs less than an additional disk shelf.

It is a subject to a discussion whether this is good, or bad, but it does create confusion in many situations, indeed.

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