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Help with V3 snapdiff API on Windows


I am trying to prototype using the version 3 snapdiff api and have been running into access violations, etc.


I am using Visual Studio 2017 (and building x64) and I have built the x64 version of oncrpc.dll .


I have successfully issued the REST api's to generate an access token from the NetApp supplied license, and have also been able to issue the REST api to start a snapdiff session and return a session id and handle.


My code calls sd_rpc_connect_v3 with cluster ip address and session information from the rest call, and it succeeds and returns what appears to be a valid sd_connect_handle_t handle.


My problem is that calling any rpc calls with this handle (even sd_rpc_disconnect_v3) throws an access violation exception.


I believe I followed all of the instructions in the SDK documentation and I am using SDK DLL's and libraries in  lib\nt\x64\VS22.


This is the exception I consistently am getting:


Again, the connect appears to be successful and does return what appears to be a valid handle.


Any insight or suggestion would be greatly appreciated ....



No idea, only thing that I could ask you to check is - Is this option enabled ?


Run the commands below to enable

::> set adv

::> vserver snapdiff-rpc-server on -vserver <svm_name>


To verify

::> set adv

::> vserver snapdiff-rpc-server-show

The RPC server is turned on and as mentioned above, the rpc connect is successful and returns a handle, but subsequent rpc calls with the handle throw an exception.