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How to get total_committed on cluster API ?


Hi everyone,

In past, we used OnCommand API Services to get the total_committed, ie :

GET on /api/6.0/ontap/aggregates, filters on *.records[*].total_committed


Actually, we are in Ontap 9.7P15 now, and we use cluster API. When getting the /api/storage/aggregates whith field=space, we got lot of informations, but not the total_committed.

Is there a way to get it ? I tried to get the /api/storage/volumes with used_by_afs for all volumes in the specific aggregate, but sum of that is higher than the total_committed given by API Services.

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I'm not familiar with the total_committed field. Do you know what ONTAPI call(s) that OnCommand API Services is making to ONTAP to get that information? I tried looking through the ONTAPI to REST mapping document to search for the total-commited property in an existing ONTAPI, but I didn't find it there: https://library.netapp.com/ecm/ecm_download_file/ECMLP2879870


I'm wondering if it is some calculation that OnCommand API Services is doing. If so, you might want to reach out to support for that product and ask how you can get that same value via ONTAP.


Hi RobertBlackhart,


Thank you for your answer. I dont know  how OnCommand API Services get this value, maybe with some calculations as you said.

I followed your advise and asked to my support team, I'll give the response on this thread...I hope !

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