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REST API for NFS Metadata Protocol Operation Metrics


Is there an Rest API call to provided metadata NFS protocol IOP metrics broken down by IOP type like lookup, getattr, create metrics (i.e number of iops and related latency).  I know there is the generic "other" but looking for the detail on IOP type breakdown for "other".



Hi Kramar,


You can create an FPolicy event to track all NFS traffic with various NFS operations you mentioned:

Creating an FPolicy event for an NFS protocol with all the supported file operations and filters 





Team NetApp

Team NetApp


I am not that familiar with fpolicy.  If I set an fpolicy event for the NFS metadata calls, how to do I retrieve the number of these events and what time period does that cover.


For example I am looking for how many setattr IOPs/sec have occurred.


We are looking to get this information by volume.  It looks like there is a scope for fpolicy and I can define it to a specific volume, but if I need to create a separate event for every volume is there a concern about how much overhead resource this would consume?


Before you configure FPolicy events, you must understand what it means to create an FPolicy event. You must determine which protocols you want the event to monitor, which events to monitor, and which event filters to use. This information helps you plan the values that you want to set.

For more information:

Planning the FPolicy event configuration