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ONTAP 9.6 adds support for an expansive RESTful API.

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Hi, the Technical Support Center team told me to ask here. Need help getting on the #API slack channel, so we can start solving the problem/bug we rep ...read more
Is there a way to restore a volume to a previous snapshot via the Python OnTap API? I am not able to find it documented in the NetApp REST API, either ...read more
Is there an Rest API call to provided metadata NFS protocol IOP metrics broken down by IOP type like lookup, getattr, create metrics (i.e number of io ...read more
Hello all,   I'm trying to automate getting and setting Quota for users. So far I'm doing well and have already gotten a huge help here, but recently ...read more
I am trying to create volume  using REST APIs however its failing with 400 error code. Here is the syntax I have used   data = {svm.name: svmname,  na ...read more
Hello,   Is there a way to set "hard_limit" for specific user using Rest API? Actually I only need an example of get/post HTTP Request for setting/upd ...read more
Hello all!   I'm not Storage Admin, but I've been requested to write some Web Page or something similar to show Storage Quota for each user. In our co ...read more
Hi guys   I have made a REST API user with the permissions for reading volumes and svms (via security login rest-role on an ONTAP 9.6 system). The com ...read more
Hi One teamIs it possible to create a CIFS workgroup mode using REST-API?I am inquiring because it is not in the document list.Thank you.
Hi all. I'm struggling with a problem using the restapi storage/volumes, it doesn't retrieve all volume information! I'm missing 1 volume flexgroup vo ...read more
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