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was the ontap simulater taken off-line ?

The ontap simulator link: https://mysupport.netapp.com/tools/info/ECMLP2538456I.html?productID=61970

shows an empty white page.

Is there a new simulator instead?


Re: was the ontap simulater taken off-line ?

It's moved but that should have taken you automatically to the new look 'tools' page. Try this:


Re: was the ontap simulater taken off-line ?

I still cant see it.

Is it available only to current customers ?


Re: was the ontap simulater taken off-line ?

I think you need to have a non-guest user account to download simulator, or an account which is still a customer with NetApp.


Note: If you are not a netapp end user or does not own a Netapp device you can create a guest user in support site but the Guest' access for the online support site is restricted to basic product documentation. This level does not allow access to any support tools. To download support tools you need to be either have these kind of account NetApp Customer / End User NetApp Re-seller / Service Provider / System Integrator / Partner.

Re: was the ontap simulater taken off-line ?

I just checked the link and its working ,If you have a netapp account you should be able to access this https://mysupport.netapp.com/site/tools/tool-eula/simulate-ontap/download

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