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Concerned with cloud security. What is the finest cloud storage?


Hello everyone,


I am Yamaris Johnson. I am using cloud storage [https://www.lenovo.com/us/en/d/cloud-storage/] in my company, and I am concerned about unauthorized attempts. As I have noticed that someone tried to take access. I am wondering if anyone in the community has any suggestions I can use to protect my storage from unauthorized access. Well no system is completely immune to hacking.

To provide some background, cloud providers typically have a range of security measures in place to protect against unauthorized access and data breaches. These measures can include network security, encryption, access controls, monitoring, and more.

However, coming to the issue at hand, it's important to secure the data, security of a cloud storage service ultimately depends on the specific provider and the measures they have in place. It's important for organizations to carefully evaluate the security features of a cloud storage service before choosing to use it for sensitive data.

I have done many thing to secure the data using cloud storage but in other hand i am worried about the protection.


If anyone has faced similar challenges or has experience please let me know. I would appreciate your insights and advice.


Also suggest the best cloud storage which can help me to safe and secure data.


Thank you in advance for your help.



As far as cloud-based ONTAP solutions are concerned, various areas of concern and related features are listed here:



For 3rd party storage, if you can send login notifications from ONTAP or 3rd party storage, then you may be able to spot them quickly with NetApp Cloud Insights and show them in dashboard as well as send alert notifications:



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