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DFM 3.8 & NMC

Hello all;

I have deploying DFM 3.8 in windows 2003

the DFM server is operational and i can have all informations with the Operation manager browser. But, when i try to connect the NMC, i see objects that i have created (one object / filer ) but i can open the object and see informations about this object (it's seems empty).

I try the NMC in the DFM server & in others servers

Somebody have an idea ?


Re: DFM 3.8 & NMC

Hi, Can you attach a screenshot?

Re: DFM 3.8 & NMC

It's not the true architecture but i can explain with that

In this picture, you can see under the global object the object nodetest whose contains the filer "node1". There are also node1 under the global object.

In my deployement, I just see group object nodetest but there are nothing under this object so there are no informations whose appears in NMC.

It's the same for all filers, there are just the group object that i have created.


Re: DFM 3.8 & NMC

>> In my deployement,

Can you explain about your deployment, where you don't see the node1

Re: DFM 3.8 & NMC

In NMC, in the "View" windows, there are the Global object -> nodetest1 -> nothing

Normaly, I should see Global -> nodetest1 -> node1


Re: DFM 3.8 & NMC

I can't tell you exactly where (just as I can't remember) but if you go poking in the Console settings there are some spots for storage system authentication/privilege settings. I've had some luck adjusting those in cases like this.