Snapmanager SQL and Protection Manager Integration


I've just started the lab from "Microsoft SQL Server 2008R2 with Data Protection v1.0 "

I've done several backups with Snapmanager SQL and with the Protection Manager Integration.

But how can I restore backups from the archvied Backup Location?

What's the procedure?

I've backed up with the retention: local 1 Full, remote unlimited

I don't have the possibility to select archived Backups from the Restore Wizard:

Any ideas?

thanks and best regards


Re: Snapmanager SQL and Protection Manager Integration


                 It looks like you may need to complete a few more steps to set this up.

1. Verify that all luns are in a qtree on the storage.One lun per volume for this configuration.

2. Verify that operations manager server is registered correctly with snapdrive on the local sql server "sdcli dfm_config list"

3. Verify that the source and destination filers are correctly setup in protection manager. NMC -> Hosts > Storage Systems

4. Verify that a manually created snapvault can be created "snapvault start ..."

5. Create a new protection policy based on the built-in Policy's if you are attempting snapvault integration the backup policy is where I would start.

6. Run or rerun the SMSQL configuration select the protection policy that you have created this should create a dataset.

7. Launch the nmc assign a destination resource pool to the dataset. This will complete a conformance and begin the vaults.

8. Run a backup with SMSQL select to archive to secondary.

Chapter 17 offers a more complete view of this process.

Re: Snapmanager SQL and Protection Manager Integration

Hi Olson,

Thank you for your response!

In fact I'm using the prepared lab from

I didn't check the "one qtree / one lun" rule, but I have successful archived backups using the checkbox in Snapmanager SQL  "archive to to secondary".

I really cannot find the checkbox "restore from archive".

I will run the demo again and check the points you mentioned.

thanks and best regards


Re: Snapmanager SQL and Protection Manager Integration


I've just started the demo again. I've done all the tasks you mentioned, but i'm still unable do find the magic button "restore from archive".

In Chapter 17 the process is described as followed:

When I start the restore wizard in the snapmanager sql, there is no option for "restore from archive":

what's wrong?

best regards