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Some shares must be resynced!!

I have user that has some problems with som shares "Team documents"..


When the user goes offline and then online again, he can't access all team-documents paths he have.

He must resync my documents to get it to work.

He can access 3 team-documents folders without syncing my documents when he have been offline, the other he can't access.

For example: He can´t access this one without syncing my documents after he´s been offline:



But he can access this one:



It´s 2 diffrent controllers , can there be any diffrent configuration on these that provides this error, or is it managed by offline settings?

After he syncs he can access all team documents again.


Re: Some shares must be resynced!!


can you please try turning off the oplocks in the share where you need to resync and check

cifs.oplocks.enable off


Re: Some shares must be resynced!!

But when I check both paths on both controlelrs has the same option.

"has ntfs security style and oplocks are enabled"

Re: Some shares must be resynced!!


Thanks for the reply , I have not seen happening this before. From storage the Oplocks is the only parameter that I am aware of caches the data and then sends it to the storage box , hence wanted to disable this option and cofirm if this not the issue .

Secondly is there an offline context enable on this desktop or laptop which would syncronise before you log off . i.e have u sent make this content availble option on you PC which might cause this issue .

Not sure if both the above are relevant to your issue . But would suggest to check if any these is causing the issue.



Re: Some shares must be resynced!!

You need to look on Client OS somehow.. I have seen some issue related to offline doc sync in windows 7... What is the client OS ?


Re: Some shares must be resynced!!

Actually, I think the customer just changed to Win 7.

Will double check with thier ServiceDesk