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Volume Snapshot Policy - bug in acquisition?

Trying to incorporate current snapshot policy into a workflow, but it is null.

All, I am running with OCUM (5.2RC1) against CDOT 8.2.1RC1 and it looks like the WFA is not acquiring snapshot policy.

I can see the policy attached to volumes on the filer:

cdot1::volume> show -fields snapshot-policy

vserver  volume snapshot-policy

-------- ------ ---------------

cdot1-01 vol0   -

cdot1a   cdot1a_root


cdot1a   cdot1b_srcvol_vault


cdot1b   cdot1b_root


cdot1b   test1  keep-more-snapshot

cdot1b   test2  keep-more-snapshot

cdot1b   test3  keep-more-snapshot

cdot1b   test4  keep-more-snapshot

cdot1b   test5  keep-more-snapshot

cdot1b   userdata


cdot1c   cdot1c_root


11 entries were displayed.

However, after acquisition, the cm_storage.volume table shows snapshot_policy_id as null - see attached screenshot

I dont know if the problem is with OCUM acquisition from the controllers or WFA acquisition from OCUM  (don't know how to query for it in OCUM)

Anyone seen this or have any ideas?

Re: Volume Snapshot Policy - bug in acquisition?

Hi Steve,

     OCUM 5.2 doesn't monitor the snapshot policy details. I suggest you use OCUM 6.1 to get the same or use the cDOT custom datasource written by mike goddard for snapshot related data.