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WFA Commands for interfacing with DFM (Unified Manager)

Hi all,


I searched the community for some wfa commands to interface with DFM, such as:

 - Create a protetion policy and apply it on a dataset

 - Create a resource pool 

 - Modify naming properties for dataset etc..


Found some old posts such as:



and tried to import a command but it failed due to an old version (working with WFA v 3.0).



 - Does anyone here have some examples for WFA Commands using DFM?

 - Maybe you know how can I get DFM ZAPI programming guide to work with? (wikid not available anymore :\ )





Roi Becidan.




Re: WFA Commands for interfacing with DFM (Unified Manager)



The API's for DFM are in the SDK. In theory it would be possible to write some powershell cmdlets and add the module to the WFA profile so you can call them from within WFA workflows. I wrote a few examples for OCUM6 here (source code included):




Please let me know version of DFM you want to develop this for?





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Re: WFA Commands for interfacing with DFM (Unified Manager)

Hi Matt,

i'm using OnCommand unified manager 5.2 

thanks for the info, I will try use the SDK for this issue.