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WFA QSM Table for Storage Scheme

Hi All,


I've been trying to work with the "QSM" table in the WFA DB, but it seems to be missing there, although we have a Dictionary type called "QSM".


Can someone please point out what am I missing?





Roi Becidan.

Re: WFA QSM Table for Storage Scheme



QSM dictionary entry is not applicable for acquisition as there are no cache queries written for it.

Please refer to this previous community thread on this:



Re: WFA QSM Table for Storage Scheme



Maybe do you know how can I create a cache query for the "qsm" object? any reason why it was not written?


I'm not familiar with the DFM DB structure, maybe some guides that can help me cache that?





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Which version of Oncommand Unified manager are you using?




Re: WFA QSM Table for Storage Scheme

It is OCUM 5.2 

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Looks like QSM information is available in OCUM server in dfm database 'snapmirrorStatus' table, but I didnt find any schedule information for QSM from dfm database.


The attributes available in the table are:




Here are the steps to cache the data from WFA:


Clone the certified 'QSM' Dictionary Entry:
- enable to be cached property for 'dest_interface', 'src_interface', 'src_qtree' and 'dest_qtree' attributes
- disble can be null property for 'src_qtree' and 'dest_qtree' attributes
- enable natural key property for 'src_qtree' and 'dest_qtree' attributes

Add a new cache query for the cloned dictionary entry to acquire the data. You can try to use the following cache query:


snapmirrorStatus.snapmirrorId AS id,
destInterface.objName as dest_interface,
srcInterface.objName as src_interface,
snapmirrorStatus.snapmirrorSrcQtreeId AS src_qtree_id,
snapmirrorStatus.snapmirrorDstQtreeId AS dest_qtree_id
dfm.snapmirrorstatus snapmirrorStatus
dfm.objects srcInterface
ON snapmirrorStatus.snapmirrorSrcHostId = srcInterface.objId
dfm.objects destInterface
ON snapmirrorStatus.snapmirrorDstHostId = destInterface.objId
AND snapmirrorStatus.snapmirrorSrcQtreeId IS NOT NULL
AND snapmirrorStatus.snapmirrorDstQtreeId IS NOT NULL

Note: I have not tested this with real qtree QSM data.

Re: WFA QSM Table for Storage Scheme

seems like now my cloned qsm table has valid data inside.


thanks Smiley Happy