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How connect Havaba use to iscsi??

My Customer is testing the Havana.But iscsi connection does not seem to go well now.

Will the iscsi connection be usable without a problem in NetApp FAS?

If getting along very well, I want to get  that Config.

I want iSCSI connect's config file ...


Re: How connect Havaba use to iscsi??

Hi Takashi-san,

Havana has not yet wrapped, nor is our revised documentation available for the various changes / enhancements made in NetApp's Cinder drivers.  Certainly, iSCSI is one of the two transport protocols supported by our Cinder drivers in Havana though. Could you be more specific about the problems encountered?


Re: How connect Havaba use to iscsi??

With clustered ONTAP you can use the following example to test Havana and our Cinder Unified driver (iSCSI protocol):

In the /etc/cinder/cinder.conf file in the [DEFAULT] section near the top you will need to create a line with the following:


The string "cmodeDirectsSCSI" is an arbitrary string to identify the driver section that will come below.

At the end of the same file create an entry like this:


volume_driver= cinder.volume.drivers.netapp.common.NetAppDriver








If you have security enabled you can change the netapp_server_port to 443 and the netapp_transport_type to https. Please note the IP address is the management IP not a data LIF.

Once these changes are in place you can restart the cinder daemons to test. You should be able do a "cinder create 2" and see a 2 GB lun created and mapped on the vserver within the openstack volume. The lun name will have the volume ID in it's name. You may need to create the openstack volume.

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Re: How connect Havaba use to iscsi??

Connection using iSCSI succeeded to Havana.


2 questions from Engineer.


Engineer want to use the rest format. Will the FAS support a rest?

rest( REpresentational State Transfer)


Does FAS’s volume create from Havana ? When NFS connected to Havana .

Engineer said, First step-> vol create form System Manager.

Second step-> Guest OS created in this volume.

He wants to perform all operation from Havana. Is it possible?



Re: How connect Havaba use to iscsi??


OpenStack / Cinder APIs are REST APIs. As long as the storage controller is set up properly, and our driver is used by Cinder all management can be done with the Cinder REST API. Setting up the storage controller does require some manual operaitons -- please refer to the documentation for how to configure the C-mode direct iSCSI driver.


Openstack / Cinder will create LUNs for you on the vserver. You need to create the vserver and flexvol manually beforehand. There is no way to import existing LUNs into Cinder currently. If you have a bootable image, it needs to be registered with the glance image service, then Cinder can copy that image into the LUN for you.

Re: How connect Havaba use to iscsi??



>please refer to the documentation for how to configure the C-mode direct iSCSI driver.

I was not able to find this.Please tell me the link with the document.

Re: How connect Havaba use to iscsi??

here is the deployment and operations guide

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