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Manila.conf parameter max_over_subscription_ratio


Hello experts

Is netapp fas support to configuration max_over_subscription_ratio?

The following is my manila.conf ,i find max_over_subscription_ratio not take effect.

One aggr assign to manila, the capacity is 53T, if max_over_subscription_ration=1.5 take effect, the max provision vol size should <  79T (53*1.5)


state_path = /var/lib/manila

my_ip =

host = t7-int-vip

glance_api_servers = http://t7-int-vip:9292

auth_strategy = keystone

#osapi_share_listen = t7-int-vip

osapi_share_listen = $my_ip

osapi_share_listen_port =8786

log_dir = /var/log/manila

transport_url = rabbit://openstack:rabbitmq_pass@t7-int-vip:5672

max_over_subscription_ratio =1.5


default_share_type = default_share_type

share_name_template = share-%s

share_snapshot_name_template = share-snapshot-%s

debug = True

rootwrap_config = /etc/manila/rootwrap.conf

api_paste_confg = /etc/manila/api-paste.ini

enabled_share_backends = svm02_manila

enabled_share_protocols = NFS

#scheduler_driver = manila.scheduler.drivers.filter.FilterScheduler

#osapi_share_extension = manila.api.contrib.standard_extensions



connection = mysql+pymysql://manila:MANILA_DBPASS@t7-int-vip/manila




www_authenticate_uri = http://t7-int-vip:5000

auth_url = http://t7-int-vip:5000

memcached_servers = t7-node-1:11211,t7-node-2:11211,t7-node-3:11211

auth_type = password

project_domain_id = default

user_domain_id = default

project_name = service

username = manila

password = MANILA_DBPASS



lock_path = $state_path/tmp



share_backend_name = svm02_manila

share_driver = manila.share.drivers.netapp.common.NetAppDriver

driver_handles_share_servers = False

netapp_storage_family = ontap_cluster

netapp_server_hostname =

netapp_login = admin

netapp_password =

netapp_vserver = svm02_manila

netapp_volume_snapshot_reserve_percent = 5

netapp_aggregate_name_search_pattern = ^aggr.*$





Hi Stevenzhang


the max_over_subscription_ratio is supported by the Manila Driver, but its functionality is implemented as follows:


1. Settting the max_over_subscription_ratio to a value above than 1 (1.5 for example), then it is possible to create multiple manila shares, whose total summation exceeds 1.5 times the total capacity of the available aggregates.


In your case, for a 53TB aggregate and a max_over_subscription_ratio value of 1.5, then there can be multiple shares created, whose total capacity will be permitted to be <79T.

The size of a single share will not exceed 53T.


Also, you can probably get a quicker response by posting on the #openstack channel in our Slack workspace. You can join at

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