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Manila volume migration fails

Hello experts

Sorry for bother again.

We are testing migrate volume between Aggr, there is the following error in manila log.

Our storage is FAS A300,ontap version is 9.5 p1, openstack version is Rocky.

2019-06-21 11:00:25.315 12976 ERROR manila.share.manager NaApiError: NetApp API failed. Reason - 40043:Failed to modify efficiency configuration for volume "share_b9316bb1_f737_4f3c_bd37_8df5f2a0ee22" of Vserver "svm02_manila": Compression cannot be disabled when inline compression or incompressible data detection is enabled on the volume. Disable inline compression and retry the command. If there are active SIS operations then use the "volume efficiency stop -all true -vserver * -volume *" command to stop all efficiency operations on all volumes in the cluster

when run "volume efficiency stop -all true -vserver * -volume *" ,there is the following error:

Error: command failed on vserver "svm02_manila" volume
       "SheO4_manila_computing_config": Failed to stop efficiency on volume
       "SheO4_manila_computing_config" of Vserver "svm02_manila": Operation is
       currently idle.


Re: Manila volume migration fails

It looks like it's trying to disable compression on the volume, but can't because inline compression is enabled.


Did you run the "volume efficiency modify -vserver svm02_manila -volume share_b9316bb1_f737_4f3c_bd37_8df5f2a0ee22 -inline-compression false" command?

Re: Manila volume migration fails


we try disable compress,but it fail too.

Re: Manila volume migration fails

Can you share the error output that you get when running that command?

Re: Manila volume migration fails


The migration succeed after disable volume in-line compress.



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