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Mirantis Kilo - ONTAP 9.1?

Currently running Mirantis Kilo Cinder on ONTAP 8.3.2.


How do I verify compatibility with ONTAP 9.1p2 if I need to upgrade ONTAP?



Re: Mirantis Kilo - ONTAP 9.1? should be a start, cinder versions and so 

Re: Mirantis Kilo - ONTAP 9.1?

Thanks Bishoy - can you provide just a bit more guidance?  I've been sifting through the IMT trying to find where this is....


I'll try ONTAP and then supported components?


Re: Mirantis Kilo - ONTAP 9.1?

The ONTAP version isn't really a player. 9.1 should work just fine with Kilo but note that NetApp doesn't develop on kilo and it's quite old for the DEV team. 

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