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[Openstack][NetApp][Solidfire] ISCSI attach results in "Out of Resource - 0x0302" from Solidfire.




We are seeing a strange issue where some ISCSI attach attempts are resulting in a "Out of Resource" error message from the Solidfire node. We see that message when we dump the traffic from our host mounting the ISCSI volume.

  • We do not see that error 100% of the time.
  • We do have a pattern where certain nodes within the same cluster are working where others are not working. Nodes that are not working are answering with the "Out of Resource" message.
  • The strange part is that this same cluster is used as another target for ISCSI for another Openstack cloud which is not seeing any issues.

As anyone seen such a message in the past?






Re: [Openstack][NetApp][Solidfire] ISCSI attach results in "Out of Resource - 0x0302" from


Maybe you're maxing out something (e.g. max number of volumes per node, max number of active  volumes per node, max number of iSCSI connections per node, etc.)

Check out SolidFire events or maybe just ask Support to figure it out for you. If you have SNMP or other monitoring you could watch two clusters for events or warnings/errors and see what stands out.

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