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Openstack Object storage (swift) setup issue with Netapp filer - missing some steps


Hi Everyone,

I am new to Openstack deployment with Netapp filer.


What I am trying to do is install Openstack in my environment  having glance, cinder and swift setup on volumes of Netapp filer.


Out of above there, I was successfully able to setup glance and cinder by creating mount point on Netapp filer.


I have a template file where I have follwoing path set for glance and cinder:


glancesgare: a.b.c.d:/vol/myproj_test_volume/myproj_QTree netappnfs

cindersgare: a.b.c.d:/vol/myproj_test_volume/myproj_QTree netappnfs


What I expect:

swiftshare: a.b.c.d/?????????


I don't know how to setup awift with Netapp filer. I have created "luns" also on Netapp filer but don't know how to use them for swift setup , like should I pass the luns device id, dev name, mount point, ?? to swiftshare: line above.


Please help me out here.


Thanks in advance.



There is no special driver/configuration using NetApp FAS systems with Swift. You can just use the tradition way of mounting a LUN on a linux machine where you store your swift object store.


There is a nice E-series integration though that is the openstack deployments guide by NetApp.


Thanks BIshoy,


I will try mounting lun and use it for swift sotrage.



Thanks a lot again.


You may find it useful to look at the recently released CVD Deployment Guide for Red Hat OpenStack Platform 6 on FlexPod.  This document details in a later section installing Swift on NetApp E-Series (which we recommend for a production deployment), although you can substitute the instructions for iSCSI LUNs presented from the NetApp FAS in place of the E-Series LUNs.


Document is available here:



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