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Populating /etc/cinder/nfs_shares required?


Hi there,

I'm new to openstack, and have been playing with the NetApp cinder driver on a system running Havanna.  None of the Havanna docs, nor the "NetApp Openstack Deployment and Operations Guide 2.1", mention the requirement to populate the cinder nfs_shares file.  That said, the NetApp driver didn't work for me until I did populate this file, and the cinder-volume.log file was complaining that this file did not exist until I populated it.  So, is it assumed that everyone knows that all cinder drivers that use NFS will require this config file, which is why we don't have it documented?  Or do I have a misconfiguration with the NetApp cinder driver if I need to setup this file to get things working?  Thanks!



Re: Populating /etc/cinder/nfs_shares required?


Yes, if you're using any of the NFS drivers (NetApp or otherwise) you need to populate the nfs_shares file with a list of exports that you want to store volumes on. Thanks for the comment, we should add it into the deployment & ops guide to help make this more explicit.

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Re: Populating /etc/cinder/nfs_shares required?


Thanks Bob!

Re: Populating /etc/cinder/nfs_shares required?


Version 2.2 of the Deployment and Operations Guide has now been posted w/ Bob's additions on this topic.

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