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The name of a volume created via cinder doesn't match the name in the array (ESeries E5524)


When a volume is created in openstack (cinder icehouse) using: "cinder create" the name of the volume in the storage array doesn't match the ID of the volume assigned by cinder. Here is an example:

From Openstack's point of view:

# cinder list | grep test-netapp


|                            ID                            |   Status | Display Name  | Size |          Volume Type          |                   Attached to                         |


| 96f4c651-75c0-44cb-b03e-7e4f0fb42df7 | available | test-netapp-01 | 250  |           iscsie5524            |                                                             |

From Netapp e5524's point of view:


As you can see the same volume has a completely different name in both platforms which makes it very difficult for us to match a volume both ways. We have other netapp arrays and we don't have this issue.

Thanks in advance


Re: The name of a volume created via cinder doesn't match the name in the array (ESeries E5524)


Hi Julian

Yes - this is a known issue with the E-Series driver. The problem stems from the fact that Santricity cannot hold the uuid as a volume name so a conversion is done from the cinder uuid to a format that Santricity can use/display. We have created a bug here to track this issue. We hope to be able to give you the information through something like this:

cinder show <volume-id>

ext:netapp-eseries-label {u’label’: u’S32MMULVYBCMXMB6PZHQ7NBN64’}


Jeff Applewhite

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