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Node Management IP Address

Does anyone have any idea why the following code snipit would fail on a 4 node cluster, but work fine on a 2 node cluster?



# get node mangement interface info
nmgmtipresults = con.invoke("net-interface-get-iter").child_get("attributes-list").children_get()


# create empty list for node management interface
nmgmtip = []


# loop through attributes and get the ones wanted
for nmitem in nmgmtipresults:

    # get role
    nmrole = nmitem.child_get_string("role")


    # node management ips
    if(nmrole == "node_mgmt"):


    for m in nmgmtip:
        print "ip: "+m

except Exception, e:
    print e


When I run it against a 4 node cluster, I don't get any output.




Re: Node Management IP Address

This post solved it for me:


I needed to add the "max-records" to get the full list of IP address's returned.