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SSET space savings estimation tool

anyone use the SSET lately - having an issue running it in a Customers environment  - keep getting a 'bad magic number' which seems to point to the .pyc file check from the version of Python called.  We think we are straight on the Python version, we've downloaded fresh versions of the SSET (which contains the .pyc file) etc. same errror - checked all permissions, and paths - we seem to be good.  not sure where to look after that... any ideas?

Re: SSET space savings estimation tool


cool - SSET ReadMe says 

"Installation Requirement
- SSET requires installing Python v3.5.2 or higher as a pre-requisite to run. You can download python from here."


it should read "installing Python, Specific Version v3.5.2  pre-requisite to run"

as 3.5.2 is the only one it works with.

that would have saved me some time. . .


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Re: SSET space savings estimation tool


Thanks! This worked for me.

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